Teppanyaki Grill Equipment | Dietary Health

In the food, teppanyaki is even more like everyone's favorite, but the barbecue food, compared with other types of food, the unhygienic index is significantly higher.

Teppanyaki Grill Equipment | Development Culture

Teppanyaki grilling may be the most primitive way of cooking for humans. It heats and dries the air with hot plates and places the food in a position close to the heat source in the iron plate to heat the food.

Teppanyaki Equipment Damper | Teppanyaki Hibachi Grill Table

The dampers commonly used in teppanyaki equipment are divided into four categories: manual regulating valves, electric regulating valves, smoke dampers, and smoke venting valves.

Teppanyaki restaurant reasonable smoke exhaust pipe planning

Large teppanyaki equipment cannot be like mobile teppanyaki equipment, so its exhaust pipe still needs to be installed.

Stainless steel smokeless indoor grill | teppanyaki grill

The stainless steel smoke-free indoor grill can also be placed indoors, and discharged indoors through the indoor ventilation and exhaust device.

How do you clean a BBQ grill after use?

In order to make the bbq grill equipment work better, we should always carry out maintenance on the barbecue grill equipment.