Teppanyaki equipment is the "sharp of knife" of Teppanyaki Restaurant

In the process of purchasing teppanyaki equipment, every restaurant operator must pay attention to it, just as the site selection determines the development potential of the restaurant.

Teppanyaki grill table equipment price problem?

Cookeryaki explains the price of teppanyaki grill table equipment and helps you buy teppanyaki equipment.

Smokeless Teppanyaki | What should I pay attention to during use?

Smokeless Teppanyaki equipment is easy to use and easy to clean, making it even easier to cook. Teppanyaki equipment is relatively convenient during normal use.

Smokeless Teppanyaki Equipment | Teppanyaki For Restaurant

smokeless teppanyaki equipment and ordinary equipment are not the same, in fact, mainly added other functional items.

Teppanyaki Hibachi Grill | Teppanyaki Equipment Explanation

the main components of the teppanyaki equipment: one-piece teppanyaki countertop, electrostatic fume purifier, fan, suction port, custom front blower system, oil collection drawer, garbage port, temperature control panel, electricity Disk, etc.

What are the main parameters for purchasing teppanyaki grill table equipment?

Smokeless Teppanyaki grill requires special teppanyaki equipment, which is a new type of eating equipment that is used in many places. what parameters do you mainly choose to buy teppanyaki grill table equipment?