Recommended Tools To Use When Cleaning A Teppanyaki Griddle

Cleaning the teppanyaki grill can be a daunting task, but with the right tools, you should be able to make the metal glow like new every time you do maintenance work.

Do not use simple tools because they can damage the surface of the grill and affect the taste of the food, so you will have to buy a new grill.


The tools listed below are the ones you must use to clean the grill:

Grill Scraper - a kitchen appliance made of metal, plastic (e.g., polyethylene, nylon or polypropylene), wood, rubber or silicone rubber, used to clean cooking grills by scraping food particles adhering from the food surface.

Griddle Pad Holder – polyethylene plastic handle used to hold the grill screen and the grill cleaning pad together when cleaning the grill.

Scouring Brick - molded abrasive or silica, usually brick shaped, used to scrub the surface of the teppanyaki grill to remove stains and other dirty food debris.

Grill Screen - a metal screen used in conjunction with a grill pad and grill pad bracket to clean the teppanyaki grill's surface of the grill and remove food debris.

Stainless Steel Cleaning Chemical - a liquid based chemical, usually non-toxic, that can be easily removed by simply rinsing the surface of the grill with water. These cleaners should not be used in chrome steel commercial or teppanyaki grills.

Steel Wool - a wire mesh similar to a brush / sponge used to clean metal surfaces (mainly kitchen utensils, including teppanyaki grills) and to remove oil, dirt, dust, and food debris.

Cleaning Brush - a wooden or plastic brush with a long handle that prevents hand contact with the hot grill during cleaning.

Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves – can be used to protect hands from burns when you really have to drill in to clean the drill bit.

Commercial Grade Griddle Cleaner Pads – a silicone pad used to remove sticky, dirty food residue from the surface of the grill.

Clean Cloth – after washing with water, these cleaning cloths are required to wipe the grill clean and dry.

Soap / Dishwasher Fluid - replaces those high-temperature chemical barbecue cleaners, and the effect is the same.

Cooking Oil - used to protect the metal of the grill from rusting.

Warm Water - when high temperature is applied, the metal expands, and when cold material is applied, the metal contracts. Therefore, it is advisable to use hot water when rinsing the teppanyaki grill, otherwise the metal may be subject to tension and pressure due to sudden temperature changes, and will crack under all pressures.



Teppanyaki grill is the best choice for your kitchen, because it provides you with more choices and makes your menu diversified.

In order to facilitate cooking, it adopts stainless steel or chromium alloy structure, and its service life will be longer than its normal life expectancy if it is properly maintained regularly.

Although the techniques discussed above may not be a complete guide to how to clean and maintain the teppanyaki grill, they do cover many details about this topic and should be used as a standard for cleaning the teppanyaki.

In addition to this blog post, you can do further research to get new information on how to properly clean the teppanyaki and commercial grill.


Recommended Tools To Use When Cleaning A Teppanyaki Griddle