What is Teppanyaki? The Origin and Cuisine of Teppanyaki

The origin of Teppanyaki

You may have heard the word "Teppanyaki" in a conversation or watching a TV ad in a local Japanese restaurant, but you don't really know what it means, and you are curious about the origin of Teppanyaki steak house. So, what is Teppanyaki?

Teppanyaki Japanese chef with meat and vegetables Teppanyaki is actually a combination of two words, describing the production skills or style of Japanese cuisine The word "Teppan" means "iron pot", and the Japanese word "Yaki" means "bake, fry or bake".

Teppanyaki refers to Japanese cuisine usually made of large flat iron pot (usually heated by propane gas). The chef will arrange all the tableware and ingredients on the boundary of the grill, and cook several dishes in front of the customers at an amazing speed and speed. Just like the sun show, acrobatic shrimp and flying vegetables are the stars of the show.

In 1945, Misono, a Japanese chain restaurant, first proposed the concept of western style steak house, which integrates Japanese cooking technology and can prepare various dishes on an iron pot. These new Japanese steakhouses are very popular among American diners. Nowadays, the tradition of grilled Steakhouse flourishes in the United States. While restaurants are performing for diners, they are constantly raising the bar for chefs by introducing new techniques and techniques to skillfully use kitchenware.


Cuisine With Teppan Grill

The sizzling grill has a long, wide solid surface, so there is no need for a chef to cook food in a separate pot or pan, so all ingredients can be cooked at the same time. According to the menu choices of the guests sitting at the table, chefs usually cook steak, lobster, scallops, shrimp, chicken, rice, noodles, eggs and diced vegetables, plus several seasonings.

Food selection of roast beef, chicken, fish, lobster and vegetables on the teppan grill.


Experience Teppanyaki

Answer "what is Teppanyaki?" The best way is to experience it yourself! If you've never been to a Teppanyaki Steakhouse, you can easily find them if you live in a medium or large city like Las Vegas. Many people like entertainment and atmosphere, plus the benefits of a big meal. This interactive meal is suitable for couples, large groups and special celebrations (such as birthdays).


What is Teppanyaki? The Origin and Cuisine of Teppanyaki