More Tips For Cleaning The Teppanyaki Griddle Mesh

In most cases, Teppanyaki grills is usually used to prepare meals for customers, so there is no choice but to clean once a day and maintain once a week to extend the service life.

However, if you use it for private dinners and parties, the recommended cleaning schedule does not necessarily apply to you.

No matter which situation you are in, this step-by-step teppanyaki grill cleaning guide will help you keep the barbecue in the best condition for many years.


Step 1: Check the Trap

Most gas-fired teppanyaki grills have grease collectors under the surface of the barbecue, which can be used as food residues and grease collectors.

Before cleaning the teppanyaki grill, you need to clean the traps first, and then clean the surface of the grill, because if you do not check the traps regularly, you may accumulate a lot of grease and dirt, which will become a bigger problem in the future.

Cleaning the grill from the bottom up will save you a lot of trouble and make it run at the best capacity.

Check that the burner is also clogged and clean to ensure that the heat required to cook the food is continuously supplied.


Step 2: Reduce Heat (If Necessary)

I think if possible, I suggest you turn off the stove before cleaning the grill. However, if you work in a restaurant, you may not be able to do so, so the best way is to minimize the calories.

If you do need to clean the teppanyaki grill while it is still hot, use heat-resistant gloves and tools to avoid accidental burns to your hands or arms.

The kitchen of a busy restaurant is a dangerous place!


Step 3: Apply High Temperature Cleaner

There are non-toxic liquid cleaning solutions for teppanyaki griddles, such as the monogram clean force, which can be used at high temperature.

This means that you can use it even when the grill is on, and in some cases, these detergents work quickly, which will help you immediately resume cooking.

You need to use a long handled pan brush to prevent your hands from touching the hot surface of the grill.

You can also use elbow grease remover for stubborn spots and rinse them off.


Step 4: Return the Grease Trap and Adjust the Heat

So far, you have to remove the teppanyaki griddle, or at least part of it, because it does have parts that are easy to remove, designed to be easy to clean and maintain and easy to fall off.

Now that you've thoroughly cleaned the grills in every corner, it's time to put these pieces back where they were and continue cooking amazing Teppanyaki style food for your guests to enjoy.

Reinstall the grease collector, remove the cleaner and brush, and heat again. You're ready to rock!


Professional Tips:

If you don't want to use commercial cleaners to clean the grill, use lemon juice and vinegar because they are excellent high-temperature cleaners.

Try to squeeze your schedule as much as possible to thoroughly clean the oven at least once a day (your normal day can be a busy day with many customers, but it's worth buying a clean teppanyaki grill).

Do not ignore the user's Manual of the barbecue equipment and the instructions for the detergent. Some accidents are caused by ignorance, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Doing maintenance work on the teppanyaki griddle and cleaning it regularly will keep it in good condition for the next few years, and you will soon find new troubles. On the good side, you will be able to cook a variety of Teppanyaki style recipes.


More Tips For Cleaning The Teppanyaki Griddle Mesh