How to clean the teppanyaki griddle?

It is important to know that commercial and teppanyaki grills are made of stainless steel or chrome steel.

Although most restaurants (such as restaurants and fast food chains) use stainless steel teppanyaki and commercial baking plates, most chefs actually prefer chrome plating because of their higher insulation quality.

Since we have discussed two different types of teppanyaki grills (stainless steel and chrome steel), we will also discuss the steps to clean them separately.


Clean non chrome surfaces

Use a barbecue scraper to remove excess food and grease from the surface of the grill (do this every time you cook something or a batch of recipes). Slide the food scraps into the trash drawer of the teppanyaki grill and discard them after cooking.

Sometimes, the grill will be soiled with food residue, so you must use a cleaning cloth to wipe off the surface of the grill. Remember to rub along the texture of the grill to avoid damaging it.

At the end of each day, empty, clean and disinfect the waste paper rack of the teppanyaki grill, and then wipe the front end with a clean cloth!

Also perform preventive maintenance once a week and do not use the grill for up to five hours to cool it down. Then use a non abrasive grill cleaner and a clean cloth to clean its surface, and thoroughly rinse the entire teppanyaki grill with water. Let it dry and prepare for the next day.

It is strongly recommended that you re flavor the surface of the grill once a week after cleaning, and since the grill is used to cook food, you should not spray antirust chemicals on it, otherwise it will poison the guests. A thin coating of cooking oil on the entire surface is enough to prevent rust from accumulating on the grill.


Clean chrome surfaces

Remove excess grease and food residue with a barbecue scraper, and then wipe the surface of the grill with a damp cloth.

Scrape off the surface of the grill from food scraps, dip a clean cloth in a mixture of soap or dishwashing liquid, and then clean the surface at the end of each day. After washing, clean the surface of the grill again with a clean dry cloth to remove soap or dishwashing liquid and dirt.


Chromium is more sensitive than stainless steel, so do not use the following items when cleaning:

Pumice, grid stone or abrasive
To scrape food from the surface of a grill with a scraper or sharp object
Steel wool
Chemical preparation of liquid barbecue cleaner


How to clean the teppanyaki griddle?