Why is it important to clean your teppanyaki griddle?

Sometimes, the biggest culinary challenge is not what you prepare for the customer / guest, but what you leave behind by the teppanyaki iron griddle.

Well, it's not a typical philosophical anecdote about food, it's a literal "mess" glued to the surface of the grill, and a headache the next morning when it creaks.

All those ingredients that react with hot vegetable oil, omelette residue, stir fried vegetables, a small a mount of meat, stock, soy sauce, pepper, salt and whole herbs and spices can cause drying, flaky and burning small lumps to spread across the surface of the grill.

In addition, you must check all grills carefully before you can complete all cooking operations on the grill and restore the clean, smooth and shiny surface of the grill to its original state.


Menu Diversification

One of the best ways to make the menu more varied and attractive is to equip the kitchen with an teppanyaki griddle.

No matter how often you use the grill every day (weekly or weekly), you must give priority to cleaning it regularly to avoid residual flavor in the next cooking.

Of course, there are dozens of ways to clean a teppanyaki griddle, but we think you might want to try some of the following techniques.


Why is it important to clean your teppanyaki griddle?

Whether you're cooking pancakes, pancakes or hamburgers, sandwiches, meat or any other teppanyaki style dish, remember to clean the grill regularly.

Because frying pans are often exposed to high temperatures, even temporary residues from food, fat, juice and other food residues can stick to the surface of the grill.

The problem with unclean grease and dirt is that over time, the grease accumulates and becomes a sticky layer (which may also have bacteria) and carbonates when exposed to temperatures above 300 degrees Celsius.

Once carbonized, they are difficult to remove! The carbonated organic debris on the grill will also act as a damper for the heat and cause all the food you cook to be poorly cooked and tasted.


There are signs that you need to clean the Teppanyaki grill

1. Food sticky griddle
2. Uneven food cooking
3. Flavor transfer between foods
4. Fat accumulation on the surface of frying pan
5. The slices of burnt oil eventually enter the food


Why is it important to clean your teppanyaki griddle?