EU-60B Undercovery Dishwasher


Preformance characteristic of EU-60B Undercovery Dishwasher

1. National standard 304#8 nickel δ=1.0~3.0mm stanless steel materals,impored AMADA CNC laser cutting machine is expected to open,import AADA CNC bending machine bending forming,so that the accuracy of the product to achieve 1%.

2. Two-speed dual-pump design,unaffected by pressure giving you a different choice, unique experience.

3.meanwhile mechanical control panel to ensure accurate operation, popular use, reduce user requirements.

4.Universal Stainless easy handling and cleaning arm up and down and spray arm, not only easy to clean,anit-clogging,up and running more smoothly. pull-out tank, beautiful atmosphere, no cleaning dead while watertight.

6.Embedded cutlery basket stent design, not only to facilitate the demolition, easy to clean up, the more reduced the direct friction bracket and the machine

7.Double saving enclosed wash chamber design, reduce the loss of heat and steam when opeing the door ,in order to achieve energy-saving ideas,whilethe blank user-fnendly design, allowing food residue or foreign body, no place to hide dead

8.self-piercing type sieve basket and sieve plate combination, easier to collect residue and cleaning

9.Limit high design, not only effectively prevent the door handle when the temperature is too high and inconvenience caused by uncontrolled operation,more scientific and rational,humane

10.This product has been the state authorty, through the CE certification, is the Naton Federation of kitchenware lndustry Association of China only desig-nated commercial dishwasher famous brands, and has awarded honorary certficates issued by the relevant departments.This product not only received praise in the country, but also exported to Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, Yugoslavia and other countries

Technical Parameters  of EU-60B Undercovery Dishwasher:
Dimensions(mm): 700*750*1540
Washing capacity( baskets/hour) :60 OR 40
Wash cycle(s): 60 OR 90
Cutlery basket size(mm) :500*500
The maximum washing height(mm): 420
Operator Panel Modo: mechanical
Power consumption(kW): 15.8
Cleaning pump powor(kw): 0.75
Heating power washing(kW): 3
Spray heating power(kw) :12
Water consumption(tors/ basket): 2.5
Water tank capacity(L): 26

Installation Requires Connection

#1.Power: 380V/50HZ/3p(three-phase five-wire),cable≥6mm²

#2.inlet diameter: 6(ft );Drain diameter: 32mm

#3.water pressure: 0.5~6bar, over 6bar need to install pressure reducing valve(with other companies).

#4.water temperature: 10℃~65℃, according to the configuration of the heater may be.The maximum water temperature dose not exceed 65℃;

#5.Water Hardness: 0.034-0.103g/L.

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