ET-50B Undercounter Dishwasher Series

It applies to the number of meals with less than 100 bars, cafes and other small places.
Glass washer

* National standard 304 #8 nickel 8 = 1.0 -4.0mm stainless steel materials, imported AMADA CNC laser cutting machine is expected to open, import AMADA CNC bending machine bending forming, so that the accuracy of the product to achieve 1 %

* Two-speed dual-pump design, give you a different choice, unique experience.o8-shaped concave attempts to prevent the nozzle, so that the interference of foreign bodies no longer a problem

* Tensile stainless steel spray arm, not only to balance the uniform operation, more hygjenic

* Door switch lock, anti-dry protection, etc. Multiple protection system design, not only more humane, more scientific and reasonable, precautionary mea sures and the end of the course

* Touch-button, panel design LED temperature displav, aiving vou more than just the visual impact on the arts. more practical sense during use

Equipment Model: ET-50B
Dimensions (mm) 600*600*800
Washing capacity (baskets / hour) 20-60
Maximum washing height (mm) 320
Washing heating power (kW) 1.7KW
Spray heating power (kW) 7.5 kw/380vOR 2.5 kw/220v
Cleaning Pump power (kW) 0.37kw
Maximum power consumption (kW) 9 6 kW / 380 v OR 4.6 kW / 220
Maximum hourly water consumption (rise) 168
Maximum water consumption (liters /basket) 2.5
Water volume (rise) 19
Cleaning temperature (℃) 55~65
Sprinkler Temperature (℃) 82~90
Tableware basket size (mm) 500*500
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