New Hotel Smokeless Teppanyaki Table Equipment

Cookeryaki - a company specializing in the production of smokeless teppanyaki grill table equipment. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, the rapid development of the market economy, and the gradual improvement of living conditions, people's health and dietary requirements are also changing with each passing day. Because of the original taste and pure taste of the Teppanyaki dishes, and the ability to witness the chef's operation and freshly baked, it has quietly set off a " Teppanyaki" boom around the world. However, due to the high price of imported teppanyaki equipment, the chef's technology does not match, which has hindered the development of the industry and caused confusion.


In order to ensure that the food culture of Teppanyaki can grow healthily and normally in China. After a large number of investigations and studies, Shanghai Chuigong Technology Co., Ltd. has carefully designed and repeatedly improved and manufactured a new set of teppanyaki grill table equipment suitable for the domestic and international catering industry. Its products have low power consumption, gas province, easy operation, excellent performance, reasonable price, and all technical indicators are up to the standards of imported similar products.


The company's equipment is used in hotels, high-end restaurants, canteens, bars, food processing plants. The company also provides customers with the overall design of the kitchen, cost economic budget, production and installation commissioning and after-sales maintenance. And also agents supporting a variety of brands of commercial kitchen equipment and supplies.


The company is also launching high-quality and low-price measures to provide services to new and old customers all over the country, hoping to continue to receive the trust and support of our customers.


restaurant Smokeless Teppanyaki Table Equipment New Hotel Smokeless Teppanyaki Table Equipment