EU-60 CN Uncovery Dishwasher

Undercovery Dishwasher widely used in hotel, restaurant and so on

* The national standard 304 #8 Nickel t= 0.8-3.0 mm stainless steel material; import AMADA CNC laser cutting machine is expected to open , import AMADA CNC bending machine bending forming, so that products can reach 1 %:

* Third gear cleaning mode, give you a different choice, unique experience;

* Combined with heating , suitable for different water temperature;

* Touch control panel, while ensuring precise operation , high-arade appearance:

* Easy handling and can be up and down in line with food grade material made universal cleaning spray arm and arm , not only easy to clean.anti-clogging, up and running more smoothly;

* Power wash water tank heater ensures not only meet the requirements to ensure that the use of more detergent effect on its head;

* Energy-washing chamber enclosed design, reduce the loss of heat and steam when opening the door in order to achieve energy-saving concept

* Since the red -type sieve basket and sieve plate combination, easier to collect and wash residue

* Single Uncovery and limit high design, not only effectively prevent overheating when the door handle and the inconvenience caused by uncontrolled operation, more scientific and rational, more humane;

* The product has been the state authority , through the CE certification, third-party users to enjoy insurance, kitchenware Industy Association is the National Federation of Chinese commercial dishwasher only designated famous brand and version of a Certificate issued by the relevant departments .The product was well received not only in domestic, but also exported to Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, Yugoslavia and other countries.

Technical Parameters of EU-60 CN Uncovery Dishwasher:
Dimensions(mm): 725*750*1522
Washing capacity( baskets/hour): 60 OR 40 OR 30
Wash cycle(s): 60 OR 90
Cutlery basket size(mm): 500*500
The maximum washing height(mm): 420
Operator Panel Modo: mechanical
Power consumption(kW): 15.8
Cleaning pump powor(kw): 0.75
Heating power washing(kW): 3
Spray heating power(kw): 12
Water consumption(tors/ basket): 2.5
Water tank capacity(L): 26

Installation Requires Connection

#1.Power: 380V/50HZ/3p(three-phase five-wire),cable≥6mm²

#2.inlet diameter: 6(ft );Drain diameter: 32mm

#3.water pressure: 0.5~6bar, over 6bar need to install pressure reducing valve(with other companies).

#4.water temperature: 10℃~65℃, according to the configuration of the heater may be.The maximum water temperature dose not exceed 65℃;

#5.Water Hardness: 0.034-0.103g/L.

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