What is a Teppanyaki Table Chef?

A teppanyaki table chef is more than just a chef who masters teppanyaki cooking style. Being a successful teppanyaki table chef requires equal performance and cooking skills. In addition to the duties of performing and preparing meals, teppanyaki chefs must also have more powerful multi-tasking capabilities to ensure that the guests can eat well and get more information.


Teppanyaki Table Style Cooking

Teppanyaki is a traditional Japanese cooking method. In the cooking process of teppanyaki table, the content of seasoning and additives is very small. A teppanyaki table chef who is proficient in teppanyaki will only choose combinations that highlight the natural flavors of the food.

Common foods prepared by teppanyaki table chefs include:

The most famous method of making teppanyaki food is using a flat-bottomed iron pan. However, teppanyaki table chefs also need to deal with many other tools in their daily lives. Japanese knives, special sauce bottles, broilers, deep fryers, and even blenders are some of the kitchen tools that chefs at the teppanyaki table must be able to switch freely.


Teppanyaki Table Chef Training

Although teppanyaki table cooking is a performance art, there is no smoke or mirror. What you see in the teppanyaki chef is exactly what you get, which requires some serious knife skills. In fact, many trained teppanyaki table chefs enter the culinary academy to perfect their cooking skills in class.

Although formal education is a strong background skill, keeping your feet on the door, you don’t have to have teppanyaki experience to start. Of course, the process of becoming a chef may take a little longer, but starting from an introductory position, learning from professionals is a great way to improve your skills.


teppanyaki table chef


Teppanyaki Job Duties

Teppanyaki table chefs are highly skilled, but even the most experienced chefs need time to become experts in their field. Because there are too many factors to become a teppanyaki chef, these people often have to go through years of training to reach the expert level.

Teppanyaki table chefs are responsible for multiple duties when cooking for a group. The chef must correctly determine the portion size of each dish and ensure that each dish reaches the right temperature according to its portion size. In addition, since they are all preparing food and performing for guests, teppanyaki table chefs often share interesting facts about the dishes they are cooking or provide customers with other culinary insights.