Teppanyaki Griddle - Cookware House | Design and Innovation Update

About a year ago, we switched from the original pre-grease design to a new and improved grease management system. For Teppanyaki Griddle, one thing we have been striving for is excellence. We have a world-class design team, constantly innovating, if you can see our design studio! It is full of all kinds of gadgets and gizmos, and we work hard every day to make our products and griddles better and better. We have received many inquiries about grease before and after replacement.




Although we are very happy and proud of the flagship 36" Teppanyaki Griddle, the design needs some improvement. We considered efficiency, ease of use and most importantly safety. The basic logic is to push hot grease away from you Instead of pulling the grease toward you is a better design, we hope you have the best experience when using our amazing Teppanyaki Griddle. Another key component, in our decision, is a rear grease The design is easy to use, practice mastering your spatula skills! With the rear grease design, your body is naturally in a better position to manipulate the grease to a single nozzle and narrow channel.


We will never innovate to make our products better, and we are not too proud to receive suggestions and ideas from all of you. You are all why we did this. The Teppanyaki Griddle we made is very good, we just want to perfect our design, with your help, we can do it. Let us know what you hope to see from us in the future. Which updates would you like? How do you make your griddle experience better? We are a diverse and wonderful Teppanyaki Griddle country, and together we can create some of the best Teppanyaki Griddle on earth!