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Are you a passionate chef, would you consider adding a Teppanyaki Grill Table to your outdoor entertainment area or kitchen?


Australian Teppanyaki Grill Table


Never miss all the fun while cooking for your guests with our Teppanyaki Grill Table cooker.

Our Australian Teppanyaki Grill Table is designed by home chefs and passionate cooking enthusiasts. It is made of high-quality 316 marine stainless steel and is equipped with a two-stage cooking plate.

As the thickness of the grill pan is 18 mm to 20 mm, our teppanyaki grill style is perfect for grilling steak or vegetables. It takes about 10-15 minutes for a plate of this thickness to heat up, and food can be cooked at a lower temperature instead of cooking on a thinner plate, such as ordinary cooking plates with only 3 mm.

The bakeware is heated by a double-ring burner, which heats the bakeware from the center, which means that the bakeware heats up in the middle of the grill and heats up to the outer edge.

When food is placed on the cooking surface, heat is retained by the plate, unlike thinner plates, where heat is quickly released.

Unlike restaurant-grade Teppanyaki Grill Table that have an exposed bottom surface, our tables are made of high-quality stainless steel and are completely enclosed. This means that the burner is protected from wind and the components have a longer service life.

Happy cooking!