Cookeryaki Teppanyaki Grill Table | Indoor or Outdoor Cooking at Home

The electric teppanyaki grill table can help you cook a perfect meal every time!


Cookeryaki Teppanyaki Grill Table


Our rice cooker Teppanyaki grill table is an all-round BBQ suitable for indoor or outdoor use, allowing you to enjoy everything about cooking, from bacon and eggs for breakfast, vegetable skewers and sausages for lunch, to perfect steak or shrimp fried rice for dinner.

This built-in Teppanyaki grill table uses a large stainless steel plate for cooking to maximize the cooking area. The innovative dual cooking area is driven by two 1600W elements. Once heated, this Teppanyaki grill table retains heat very well and provides an even distribution of heat throughout the cooking surface, providing restaurant quality cooking at home.

This Teppanyaki grill table is made of the highest quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, constructed in accordance with the highest Australian standards, and can be used in coastal environments.

It is also easy to clean. The hidden fat cup is located in the bench under the Teppanyaki grill table, making this Teppanyaki grill table a smooth addition to your indoor kitchen or outdoor entertainment area.