Teppanyaki Griddles vs Teppanyaki Grills: Food Comparison

Are you asking about a Teppanyaki griddle or a Teppanyaki grill? Barbecuing in the backyard has long been a custom in the United States. For decades, charcoal grills have been the backbone of most houses. Eventually, full-size liquid propane grills appeared on the market, and the industry developed explosively. It is difficult to find a home without charcoal or propane grills in North America! However, a new trend has emerged in the outdoor cooking industry. A part of the rapidly growing population has abandoned traditional grills and replaced them with griddles. They became fans of griddles.

The word "barbecue" has many meanings. Regarding the content of this article, please allow me to clarify. I mean the grill, which is a traditional propane or charcoal cooking device with a grate on it. A grate is a parallel or lattice rod on or inside the cookware where food is placed, allowing the flame to contact the food. Instead, I will refer to the Teppanyaki griddle as a flat-top cooking surface without openings or grills. The surface of the griddle is a solid metal plate. This cooking method was once only commercially available to short-term chefs. Today, consumers in almost all places can use outdoor Teppanyaki griddle or flat-top cooking surfaces. In short, the Teppanyaki griddle has become a new kind of culinary artist's canvas.

Hamburgers, steaks, chicken legs, pork chops and corn on the cob are just one of the basic foods that can be cooked on a traditional outdoor grill. You can expand your grilling possibilities on the grill with aluminum foil or cast iron skillet. On the other hand, outdoor Teppanyaki griddles open up a larger creative world. If you have never cooked rice on an outdoor griddle before, then I will arrange it for you.


South of the border

Who doesn't like the charred and fried ingredients of fajitas? I'm talking about steak, onions, bell peppers and fresh minced garlic. You can even make your own fresh flour tortillas, because the surface of the griddle works exactly like a traditional tortilla. You can cook anything on a hot griddle!


Spend time in Asia

Maybe you prefer Chinese food. The outdoor grill can reach the fiery temperature required for cooking fried rice, vegetables, chicken, seafood and beef, and woks. Try roasting on the grill. The same goes for Japanese teppanyaki. Spray soybean oil on the Teppanyaki griddle. Add fresh garlic, scallops, vegetables of your choice, pre-cooked yaksoba noodles, and finally use soy sauce. There is a trend of Mongolian barbecue. Do it yourself, and spend only a small amount of money to make a dish that Gishan will salivate. The griddle can do all of these. . . There's some left!


Champion breakfast

You say pancakes, I say pancakes. Can you bake pancakes on the gas grill? I will save you time and frustration. No matter which method you use, an outdoor Teppanyaki griddle is the best way to accomplish the task. If you cook on a larger Teppanyaki griddle, such as a 36-inch Teppanyaki griddle cooking station, you can make enough pancakes to feed a minor league baseball team. If you are cooking for two people, it may be more appropriate to Cookeryaki teppanyaki griddle. Either way, you can make pancakes, eggs, bacon and toast side by side on the same side.


Before you get angry

Let me add, there is nothing wrong with the propane grill. They are tested. There is one on my back porch. I used to use only propane grills, now I use my griddles most of the time, multiple times a week. Since the first time I ate the griddle, I only light the propane grill a few times a year. My outdoor cooking mode has completely changed. I now find myself saying almost every day, "This will be great on a griddle!"!


Be creative

I tried some new things last night and it was great! I griddle a batch of shrimps. I turned the stove up and waited for 10 minutes before the lid of my griddle burned hot. Next, I added a piece of butter. Then I threw dozens of washed and thawed Argentine red shrimp and a lot of garlic. I let it for 2-3 minutes, and then roast the shrimp to half black to perfection. I added the remaining butter and continued to cook the shrimp on the other side for a few minutes. Finally, I mixed the shrimp and butter mixture for 15 seconds. I sprinkled a bit of Himalayan powder salt and black pepper on the buttered shrimp. My wife and I were fascinated by the smell. Our kids love it! This is the quality of high-end restaurants. It takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, cook and clean up.


Teppanyaki Griddles vs Teppanyaki Grills


Can the griddle really make us better?

Hope I make you hungry. Fine food with less trouble is one of the reasons why so many people turn to outdoor Teppanyaki griddles, but we only touch the surface. Well, I admit that I am not the best barbecue chef in the world. I don't know how many times I ran into the house to get something back, only to find that a fat burning turned my meat into charcoal. Since the top of the griddle is a solid piece of steel, the grease will not come into contact with the fire. The fat flows the griddle into the oil cup. Put the burger pie on the grill for a few minutes and it will dry. No one likes to eat dry burgers. The beauty of this type of Teppanyaki griddle is that the high temperature will scorch the outside of the meat and coat the inner juice with a protective film. If you go wrong, let your burger sit on the griddle for a few more minutes, and the meat will not dry out. You will bite through the outside flavor, and the inside will still be full of juicy flavor. Unlike grills, griddles are forgiving. They are more perfect than I did before. I can't tell you how many times I have received comments from YouTube viewers who told me that they became addicted the first time they used the baking sheet. Since the griddle is a heavy piece of cold rolled steel, the griddle retains heat and cooks like cast iron. Once the griddle gets hot, it will stay hot. You can heat the Teppanyaki griddle hot enough to blacken the best cajun steak you have ever eaten. Another way to improve the cooking quality of a griddle is to try different types of oils. This gives you great freedom to develop a griddle with flavors. From olive oil to sunflower oil, you have a lot of freedom to add the flavor of the food you want. Clarified butter, avocado oil, and even bacon fat can take your griddle to the next level!


Versatile multi-zone cooking

You can turn off one or more burner/griddle areas while cooking, just like grilling. It is ideal that when you cook several elements, you will form a meal together. Once your onion is fully cooked, you can turn off the remote burner and slide the onion to that area. Your onions will stay warm, but will not continue to cook or burn. The same theory applies to you stacking pancakes on one end of the Teppanyaki griddle, while your sausage continues to cook on the other end.



If you want to cook outdoors, but want to achieve the same perfection at home, then the griddle may be your best choice. Do you want to cook for a large group of people outdoors, but provide restaurant quality food? So, I suggest you buy a Teppanyaki griddle or put it on your Christmas wish list. Griddles range from an amazing 36" cooking space all the way to 17" wide to give you a wealth of choices. The 36-inch griddle cooking station is my favorite outdoor cooking equipment of all time.

For those who don't want to replace the grill with a griddle, the Cookeryaki Teppanyaki griddle has a griddle on one side and an oven on the other, so you have the best of both worlds. Even better, the griddle and grill box are easy to remove, allowing you to use the stock pan on an open flame. It is convenient to cook while frying the other.