japanese teppanyaki table | Orange ginger lobster tail

• 4 lobster tails, uncooked. Pounds per unit
• 2 tablespoons clarified butter

Wash the lobster tail, pat dry and with clean kitchen scissors just cut the top shell into the center, pointing down at the tail. Then use a sharp knife to cut through the meat and the underside. Cover and set aside.


Red turmeric sauce

• 4 tablespoons butter (salted)
• 2 teaspoons lemon juice
• 1-2 tablespoons orange peel shredded or chopped
• lightly peel 1 inch fresh Ginger * root (edge of spoon) and chop
• teaspoon light cayenne pepper
• 1/4 teaspoon aromatic bitters (e.g. Angostura)
• season with a little salt
* substitute: 1/8 teaspoon ginger, if needed


Melt the butter (microwave for 35 seconds), then stir in the lemon juice, orange peel, ginger, paprika and bitters. Microwave for another 20 seconds. Or cook gently on the stove for 2 minutes.

Stir and season with salt. Put on hold.

Preheat # 5 japanese teppanyaki table. On arrival (orange lights off), set teppanyaki table for sale to # 7-8.

Melt the clarified butter over the teabayi, or brush the lobster, or lightly spray the sides of the flesh with a cooking spray.

Roast lobster tail shell up/meat down for about 5-7 minutes. Turn the tail upside down and pour orange butter sauce over the meat. Then the eggshells serve as utensils and the meat is gently boiled. Continue cooking until the meat is no longer transparent and cook for another 5 minutes. Close teppanyaki table outdoor.

Try different butter flavors, such as herbal + garlic butter, or make SIRACHA butter

2 tablespoons Siracha sauce, 4 tablespoons butter, room temperature. Combined and used on the tail.


japanese teppanyaki table | Orange ginger lobster tail