Teppanyaki Grill | Hibachi Grill | Description and Technical Description


The Teppanyaki grill is a flat grill, which is widely used to cook food in front of customers in restaurants. Restaurants that use these grills are often called Japanese steakhouses in the United States. The surface of the teppanyaki is a solid griddle, which is often mistaken for a Hibachi grill, and the surface of the flat-bottomed grill is open. Hibachi grills also require charcoal or other types of heat sources that are not required for teppanyaki-type grills.

Commonly cooked foods include a variety of meats, seafood and vegetables. Meats usually cooked on this noodle include steak, filet mignon, chicken, seafood and fish. Vegetables include zucchini, onions, mushrooms and other vegetables. Meals usually include fried or steamed rice, soup and salad. These vegetables are prepared before cooking on the table. The chef will prepare the food to be ordered in front of the guests and serve them directly from the grill. Meat, chicken or seafood are cut into bite-sized pieces during the cooking process, and seasonings are added during the cooking process.

Although these grills are mainly used in commercial restaurants, they can also be used in private residences, as long as they are used outdoors. Adding a Teppanyaki grill to your backyard landscape will create a fun atmosphere for your friends and family to enjoy at parties or even simple picnics.


Teppanyaki Grill | Hibachi Grill


Technical Description

Grinding and polishing bakeware provides a smooth cooking surface that can be cleaned after each use.

The edges of the stainless steel bakeware are raised on three sides to accommodate the oil and sauces used in the cooking process.

There is a removable stainless steel garbage drawer on one side of the bakeware to collect garbage during the cooking process.

The grille is heated by a cast iron gas burner located in the center of the grille.

When the food is far from the central cooking point of the grill pan, the temperature will decrease.

The burner system is adjustable to provide changes in cooking temperature.

The complete burner control includes a push button igniter.