Teppanyaki and Hibachi Grill Are Different

Many people may confuse teppanyaki and hibachi. Teppanyaki and hibachi are Japanese techniques for grilling food over an open fire. Both of these techniques use grills to prepare different types of food, allowing guests to witness the cooking process with their own eyes. Without proper skills, this cooking process is impossible to complete. Even professional teppanyaki chefs can only use the best teppanyaki grill to cook for their distinguished guests.


Teppanyaki and Hibachi Grill


The following are some of the differences in their origins and characteristics, as well as the difference between teppanyaki and hibachi:


The difference between teppanyaki and hibachi

Hibachi grills are called shichirin, and they are actually portable grills made of small cast iron. It usually uses charcoal as a heat source, and this grill has an open shape design. At present, modern Hibachi in American restaurants has started to use electricity so that food can be cooked indoors.

In contrast, the teppanyaki technique uses a flat, sturdy iron pan to prepare food directly in front of the guests. Usually, the Teppanyaki grill uses propane gas flame as the heat source. Guests can sit around the teppanyaki equipment and watch the grilling skills of the teppanyaki chef.


The origin and characteristics of hibachi

From 794 to 1185 AD, the history of hibachi grills is believed to date back to the Heian period. The word hibachi means "fire bowl" and refers to a cylindrical container with an open top and it is designed to burn wood or charcoal. Most hibachi grills are very decorative, and some grills are made compact so they are easy to move. Hibachi containers are made of wood or ceramics and covered with metal.

At the same time, the origin of teppanyaki is unclear. Some people believe that Japanese teppanyaki cooking technology originated 200 years ago, when a family gathered together to prepare dinner on a small grill. Most people also agree that teppanyaki was first introduced in the United States by Japanese chefs as a barbecue method. Iron pan means iron plate, and yaki means deep-fried or grilled. Teppanyaki grill can be found in many Japanese restaurants. It is shaped like a flat grill and extends to the front of the guest seat. The chefs grilled the ordered dishes in front of the guests, showing their amazing knives. These teppanyaki chefs usually have to undergo long-term training before they can cook in front of the guests.

This is the information we are sharing with you about teppanyaki and hibachi. I hope you will have a good time next time you have grill or teppanyaki!