Smokeless Teppanyaki Table Equipment


Teppanyaki Table Construction Material Description:


1. Teppanyaki Table Plate Material: food grade alloy steel, 20mm thick, No deformation,No discoloration;

2. The teppanyaki Table boperation panel, the oil collection drawer, the oil filter plate, etc. are all made of 1.0mm stainless steel, and the suction port is made of 1.5mm mirror stainless steel;

3. Chef standing face baffle: 1.0mm 304# stainless steel plate;

4. Frame: 40*40*2.5mm tubing;

5. Teppanyaki customized built-in fan: exhaustive wind, low noise (380V/0.25KW);

6. High-voltage dissolved Purifier (97% processed): CE certification, (220V/0.25KW) (Imported product);

7. Electrothermal Heating: heated by electric heating tube, 380V/8KW, Advantages are:

  -a. Made of imported 304# stainless steel, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength and good adaptability under bad work;

  -b. The interior adopts a customized triple insulator, close to cooktop, low heat loss and better moisture resistance than similar products on the market. It is safe and reliable to use;

  -c. Resistance of fouling and corrision, innovative design, convenient for later cleaning and maintenance;

  -d. Evenly heat, heating takes about 20 minutes, easy to operate, no visual flame, temperature difference is ±20 ℃(68℉);

8. Electromagnetic Heating: heated by electric magnet disc, 380V/8KW. Advantages are:

  -a. Adopting German imported core technology in research and development;

  -b. The main heating area can be increased according to the size of the device, and according to the coupling effect, the heat loss is small, evenly heat and high thermal efficiency;

  -c. Electromagnetic radiation is only 18K-35K, European national standard is below 100K;

  -d. Fast heating speed, high temperature control, strong temperature control, environmental protection and energy saving, temperature difference is ±1 ℃, easy to operate;

  -e. Built in leakage protection and overload protection devices;

9. Gas Fired: Double-ring double-fire burner, liquefied gas: 0.89 kg / hour, natural gas: 1.2 cubic / hour;

10. Teppanyaki accessories: stainless steel exhaust hood, oil net, oil pocket, 1/9 pot, gravity foot, universal wheels;

11. Single unit air volume 2500 cubic meters / hour.


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