Home Teppanyaki Table | Household Teppanyaki Griddle

As teppanyaki dishes become a new trend, more homeowners have expressed that they want to design a teppanyaki grill at home.

Cooking on an teppan is a new healthy way of eating. You can add a small amount of condiments because you like to get the original taste of the food.

Here are some ideas for you to choose the right grill for your home.

For household Teppanyaki Griddle, customers can choose standard models, and we also provide commercial use.


Home Teppanyaki Table


If these models are too large, we also provide the following options:

1. Installation type (customizable)-only includes heater and control panel. The exhaust hood must be installed.

2. Downdraft system (customizable), but without grease filtering system and exhaust hood. Ducts and external blowers are mandatory.

3. Equipped with Downdraft system, including a grease filter system and an exhaust blower. For this option, there is a minimum size requirement, please ask for details.