Hibachi Table Restaurant | Should I Tip The Hibachi Chef?

Should we tip the hibachi chef? If yes, how much is it? Be a reminder to separate the waiter and the chef.


The two Hibachi/Tepanyaki grill table restaurants I have contacted said that the chef is part of the tip paid by the waiter, chef and bartender. One of the restaurants also said that in addition to the tip left on the check, people also tip the chef directly in cash, which is quite common. (I think they were particularly impressed with the display of Onion Volcano that day.)


Hibachi Table Restaurant


If the waiter and the chef share the tip, I think you can leave the standard 18%-20% tip. The reason is: in the hibachi table restaurant I have been to, there are not as many waiters on the floor as the standard restaurant, because The chef basically provides food for you and cooks food for you. In most cases, the waiter will serve drinks in the bar and handle the bills. So, when waiters, hibachi chefs and bartenders share tips, all this should be fair.


If you want to pay a few bucks more for "dinner and show", I will never tell you not to. But judging from the menu prices of some hibachi chain stores, they have taken this into consideration.