How to Make Hibachi Mustard? Hibachi-Style Table

Hibachi - based on the performance of talented chefs, this restaurant prepares beef, seafood and vegetables for guests sitting next to the flat-top grill - offers a Japanese wasabi similar to a creamy dipping sauce with a spicy flavor that is reminiscent of Hibachi mustard. Although the raw materials of Japanese wild mustard vary from company to company, most of them use Kalash mustard as the raw material, which is a traditional Hibachi mustard made from powdered brown mustard seeds and mustard. Blackbeard uses mayonnaise to reduce the spiciness of kalash, and contains seasonings such as garlic and soy sauce. This is a recipe that you can easily reproduce at home.


How to Make Hibachi Mustard?


Step 1

Mix Kalash mustard powder and warm water in a mixing bowl at a ratio of 2:1 to form a thick paste, or squeeze the prepared Kalash mustard from the tube into the mixing bowl.


Step 2

Cover the bowl with plastic film. Wait 10 minutes for the enzymes and glycosides to react and give off a pungent and irritating aroma. Open the bowl.


Step 3

Add an appropriate amount of mayonnaise to the kalash to make it even like a dipping sauce. You can also add mayonnaise until it reaches the consistency you want. Stir the mayonnaise and mustard well.


Step 4

Add mustard to a food processor, add aromatic ingredients and spices to taste. Most Japanese game dishes you find in Japanese hibachi-style table restaurants contain soy sauce, garlic, and sugar. But don't limit yourself. Try fresh ginger, shallots, garlic, sesame and miso for your own explanation.


Step 5

Process the mustard until it is smooth and even, then taste. Adjust the taste with salt or spices as needed, then transfer the mustard to the dish. Serve with hibachi mustard right away.