WJB-180 Single Cylinder Washing Food Machine

the sediment of vegetables: flow into the garbage collection box under the action of the circulation pump, and then filter through the activated carbon filter.Second, harmful bacteria, pesticide residues, water soluble harmful chemicals and other visible sundries:

 Washing Food Machine Working Principle

1. We adopt water flow and air bubbles to separate it from the useful parts. Driven by the water flow, it flows into the treatment pool to separate and precipitate even finer sediment.

2. We use the most advanced UV/O technology to produce a large amount of OH free radicals, thus killing harmful bacteria, degrading residual pesticides, and turning organic compounds into H. And CO (so we invented more advanced technology in the device). 

3 reaches the saturation concentration, it can still exist in water, thus greatly improving the utilization rate 




Dimmension: 1200/1500/1800 * 800 * 840/110 220V

Product configuration and its advantages of WJB-180 Single Cylinder Washing Food Machine

1. High-quality 304# t-1.0 mm stainless steel plate is selected for the plate, which is formed by imported AMADA laser cutting machine, ammonia gas and bending machine, not only to ensure the flatness of the material, but also to improve the precision of the product:

2. It is equipped with ozone + uv + activated carbon + jet water molecular nanotechnology, four-dimensional integrated degradation of pesticides, decomposition of preservatives, meat hormones, strong removal of heavy metals, complete ovibicide and 360-degree no-dead efficient removal of bacteria, to ensure that the cleaning effect meets the national standards and at the same time completely avoid secondary pollution;

3. Multi-functional automatic control system design, not to damage the original nutritional components of vegetables at the same time, save water, electricity and labor;

4. Packaged sealing plate and function module, hidden design for drain pipe and electric switch, scientific and reasonable, convenient and practical, with visual ornamental value and safety in use;

5. One-click operation, easy to learn and free from the user's education background.

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