Which is Better, Teppanyaki or Hibachi? Difference Between Hibachi and Teppanyaki

There is no doubt that Japan has brought many innovations to the world. In the gastronomic world, they've certainly earned their place. The two most recognized Japanese dishes are Teppanyaki and hibachi.

People often confuse teppanyaki with hibachi, and understandably so. After all, we were scammed by big "hibachi" chain restaurants like Benihana.

Well, maybe "lying" is a bit extreme. However, these restaurants call themselves "hibachi" restaurants when they are known for their Teppanyaki-style cooking!

Teppanyaki and hibachi are two completely different cuisines, each with its own unique flavor and culinary history.


While both Teppanyaki and hibachi have their strengths, it ultimately depends on your geographic location, preferred cooking method, and personal taste preferences.

While Teppanyaki is popular in Western culture, in Japan hibachi is a star and makes up for it! Considering hibachi is one of the oldest dishes in Japan, it helps to be the traditional winner of the two dishes.

On the other hand, teppanyaki shines in Western culture and has become the epitome of Japanese cuisine in many Western countries. It also represents the superb entertaining skills of skilled Japanese chefs.

It's fair to say that both Teppanyaki and hibachi are great in their own way. It's hard to say which one is really the best as they all bring deliciousness to the table.


Japanese teppanyaki table


Know the Difference Between Hibachi and Teppanyaki

Hibachi and teppanyaki grilling are two examples of Japanese grilling methods. But they are not one!

Teppanyaki uses a flat grill, while hibachi uses a "fire bowl". That means, hibachi restaurants are actually Teppanyaki restaurants!

Regardless, both are delicious ways to cook them. If you haven't tried them yet, I hope you give them both a chance because they both have their merits. Try cooking these different delicacies in the comfort of your own home!