Teppanyaki Plates | Teppanyaki Stovetop Pro Tips

• Always make sure the grill is level before you start using it. This will allow the oil from the juice to drain properly. To check that your grill is level, pour a cup of water into one of the corners furthest from the grill drain and watch carefully where the water runs.

• If you want to clean your grill easily, we recommend using the grill's grease cup attachment.

• When adjusting the heat on the grill, be sure to change it little by little. It is important to note that the surface of the grill heats up quickly and cools down very slowly.

• Before you start using the grill, apply light oil to the grill and apply while the grill is heating. You can use cooking oil or grill conditioner.

• The surface of the grill will continue to darken and patina with each use - you don't need to worry about this as this is normal.

• Discolored food, metallic or rusty smells indicate under seasoned or highly acidic food being cooked. When this happens, rinse the grill thoroughly, then re-season.





I think nothing can stop you from enjoying delicious Teppanyaki cooked food at home!

If you thought you could only use a teppanyaki plates on an outdoor grill, you're now assured that you can cook all your favorite meats and vegetables on a flat griddle on the stovetop.

Because you can find plates in a variety of sizes and materials, you can start enjoying Japanese food even if it's raining or cold outside.

If you start with a Cookeryaki griddle, you're ready to start cooking that teriyaki or yakitori you've been craving! Plus, you won't waste time cleaning this slick griddle.

All you have to do now is turn on the stove and get ready to enjoy delicious dishes!