What is the difference between Hibachi noodles and lo mein?

In fact, there is almost no difference between hibachi noodles and lo mein, except that the latter comes from China while the former is made in Japan.

The Japanese also have 8 different types of noodles, named according to their ingredients. In China, however, noodles have somewhat traditional names, as they are made from wheat, either mixed with eggs, or simply plain wheat flour.

As mentioned above, there aren't actually hibachi noodles, they're called that simply because they're cooked in hibachi noodles.

Are Hibachi noodles healthy?

Hibachi noodles can be quite healthy if you cook them well. Homemade noodles are better because you can control the salt and oil in the dish, as well as the toppings.

Hibachi noodles can be healthy if you stick to healthier proteins like chicken!


Enjoy Hibachi noodles fresh from the grill

If you want to try a new type of noodle, hibachi noodles is a great place to start. Considering their versatility, hibachi noodles are sure to keep your taste buds busy!