Tofu | Teppanyaki Tofu | Health Benefits Of Tofu

Tofu is a very useful plant food, which is a traditional part of East and Southeast Asian cuisine. It is believed that tofu originated in ancient China. According to Chinese legend, Prince Liu An of the Han Dynasty invented curd in 179-122 B.C.

When soybeans are mixed with water to form condensed soymilk, the curd obtained is pressed to form a white solid block with different softness. Tofu can be made into various textures, depending on the degree of softness, softness, firmness or extra hardness, depending on the food formula to be combined later.

Because tofu has almost no natural flavor, it can be used in salty and sweet dishes which are often seasoned or pickled by chefs to integrate it into dishes and their flavors.

Tofu has similar properties to sponge, so it can also absorb the flavor of your prepared recipe when put into a pot or pot.

That's why many people like to eat it. It's also a low calorie vegetable that sometimes mimics some meat and makes it delicious to eat.


Braised Tofu With Teppanyaki

For more than a thousand years, China, Japan and other Asian countries have been using tofu as a vegetable additive in their dishes. It was not until a letter written by James flint, a British businessman, that the word "tofu" was recorded in 1770 by Benjamin Franklin.

Interestingly, before the invention of Teppanyaki after the Second World War, Japan would not include tofu in Teppanyaki recipes.

But today, tofu can be found in almost all the recipes offered by Teppanyaki restaurant!


The Health Benefits Of Tofu

Tofu comes from soybeans. Soy protein is an enzyme that helps reduce LDL or LDL and make our hearts healthy.

For women, phytoestrogens (also known as isoflavones) are chemicals found in plant foods that help fight breast cancer, which is why doctors recommend that women who are about to enter menopause include soy foods such as tofu in their diet.

If you eat tofu included in the Teppanyaki recipe, you will actually get more health benefits, because Teppanyaki food is mainly vegetables, seafood and white meat.