Teppanyaki chef tools - cooking kit and cutting board

Every professional teppanyaki chef can use four words to describe him or her - proficient, professional, precise and skilled. In addition to the skills of experienced chefs, must also add performing arts to their cooking.

Must provide staple food of teppanyaki cooking In addition, you also need some important tools and supplies to make the dream of a boiled Iron Chef come true. In addition to the professional teppanyaki grill table, you also need the following supplies:


Specialized stainless steel mesh cooking Kit


 Specialized stainless steel mesh cooking Kit


Professional stainless steel dry pan kit will provide you with everything you need for teppanyaki grills. This frying pan set is equipped with 10 high-quality products to make your teppanyaki cooking easier. This set of tools has two spades, two bottles, two webbed feet, a scraper, two egg rings and a suitcase. The portable case is designed to make mobile tools easier to carry.

Obtaining this professional stainless steel frying pan cooking kit will be an excellent complement to your grill accessories. The quality of the metal used to make these tools can withstand any heat during the grills.



Rugged and durable stainless steel (approved by the chef) - This is one of the best teppanyaki grills on the market. The kit is approved by professional chefs and made of high quality metal. It is very suitable for all your barbecue needs. The frying pan set is suitable for camping, outdoor use, iron plate barbecue, Japanese barbecue and restaurant use. Since this frying pan kit is made of professional grade metal, all accessories can work perfectly on your grill.

Durability - Most people complain that the baking set won't last long. However, this is not the case with professional stainless steel cooking kits. The frying pan set is designed with top material and can be used for a long time. The manufacturer wants the customer to be satisfied when cooking. Most professional chefs like this frying pan set because of its high quality materials and durability.

This will be a great gift for your friends - a professional stainless steel dry pan cooking kit is a great gift to help you barbecue indoors or outdoors. You can carry this equipment with you for camping or camping without any other tools. The high quality materials used in the design of the kit are durable, and the tools will make every barbecue unforgettable. Therefore, if your friends like barbecue, you can present this professional stainless steel frying pan cooking kit to your friends.


HHXRISE Kitchen Large Organic Bamboo Vegetable Board


Kitchen Large Organic Bamboo Vegetable Board


As a plate cook, you will need a cutting board to help you prepare the ingredients. HHXRISE Kitchen Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board is a high-quality tool to help you cook. This large-cut vegetable board is made of high-quality wood to ensure its durability.



Wood boards are made from BPA-free organic bamboo - if you're looking for cutting boards made from solid wood, you've found them. HHXRISE kitchen uses large organic bamboo cutting boards made of 100% natural bamboo, which do not contain antimicrobial, antimicrobial and BPA. The board has been polished to obtain a smooth surface.

Extremely thick and large, it can accommodate all your cooking materials - the size of the cutting board is 0.72 x 12 x 17 inches, strong, thick and large. You can use this cutting board as cutting board, cutting board, carving board, serving plate and even cheese board.

Unique design with juice tank and built-in compartment - The cutting board has a very unique design, with three built-in and separated sections on its side. You can temporarily put ingredients in place before you start cooking. In addition, there is a juice trough on the board to prevent the juice from splashing on the counter. With this HHXRISE kitchen's large organic bamboo board, you won't mess up the kitchen with spilled juice.

Multifunctional - It's not just a cutting board. Its unique design also converts it into a tray rack, which you can use for barbecuing food.

Knife Friendly - The material used to make this grill will not blunt the knife. However, do not use dishwasher to clean the cutting board.