Some Teppanyaki Tricks To Learn

You can learn to master about 5 unique teppanyaki chef cooking techniques, but getting used to them can be a big challenge. But if you do your best, you can definitely master it in four to six months.

After mastering the attractive teppanyaki tricks, you will become a real public pleaser and will definitely like your work.

Let's take a look at some of the teppanyaki tricks you can learn:


General Knife/Spatula Handling

If someone tells you that the skills of fancy knives and spatulas are just for demonstration, then they are correct, but all other teppanyaki tricks of iron plate burning can be said in this way.

The key point of Teppanyaki cooking is not to have fun before preparing meals for guests / customers, but to bring satisfaction to guests!

That's why Japanese Teppanyaki chefs use these techniques - not only to please the delicacies they prepare, but also to make the guests look forward to every meal.

This is a YouTube video that details how to make a shovel and a knife. Basically, you have to generate centripetal or centrifugal forces (possibly two or both) to rotate the spatula and knife around the index finger. Then, tap on the grill, like a drumstick on a snare.

You can also throw the spatula and knife into the air, turn it over and grab it again, while continuing to rotate the spatula seamlessly (you may want to avoid throwing the knife because it's dangerous for you and your guests, but the spatula should be fine).


It may also help if your pattern has some matching rhythms that make it more interesting.


The Fried Rice Heart

Ironically, how many people equate food with love? Well, I find epiphany fascinating, especially because food is the second most important factor for our survival, after water.

Basically, you can't do without food, so it's indisputable! Another thing is that, like the morning sun, the aroma in food and cooked food is an immediate antidepressant.

It's true that when they see, smell or taste food, no one is sad! Everyone gets excited when they see pizza, prawns, apples and many other foods. Everyone loves food as much as they love their pets or loved ones - they give them the same warmth when they see them.

Therefore, the heart of fried rice provided by Teppanyaki chef symbolizes his / her love for food and their love for you, guests / customers.


The Egg Juggle/Toss

This skill is incomparable with it, just need your determination and skill to learn to be a Teppanyaki chef. Breaking eggs is actually a very simple skill, which almost anyone can do, but the style of Teppanyaki needs to be a little more refined and precise than you think.

First place the egg on the grill and rotate it, then use the shovel to pick it up when controlling the shovel to prevent it from falling.

Throw the egg into the air while it is still spinning (in fact, you need to keep the egg spinning until it breaks), and then use a shovel to return it to the ground. When you try to hold the egg, do not hold the spatula still, but move it to a longer path when the egg falls, so as to buffer the falling of the egg and prevent the egg shell from breaking.

Now it's time to break the eggs! To do this, you need to make the rotational momentum of the egg disappear. Then throw it into the air for the last time, then turn the shovel over and let the egg fall to its sharp edge and break.

The yolk and yolk will immediately fall into the grill and be fried as soon as you finish the beating and throwing process.


Zucchini Toss

Zucchini tossing may be the only skill involved in customer / guest participation, as chefs will throw zucchini directly into customers' mouths from 5 to 6 feet away. This technique is really nothing special. You only need to have a good goal to put the sliced zucchini in the mouth of the guests.

In addition to learning how to cook properly, you may need to do a lot of target practice to acquire this skill, unless you are very good at darting, or you were a knife thrower in a circus.

Zucchini tossing is absolutely fun. When guests come home, their faces will show a bright smile.


Onion Volcano

The most striking move in the teppanyaki industry is onion volcano. This is by peeling off the different layers of onions and stacking them on top of each other to form - you guessed it - onion volcano!

It's hard for me to use two hands, let alone two tools. Again, these guys are experts, they're as comfortable with tools as I am with my pencils (I'm happy with pencil sketches).

After the onion volcano is formed, the chef will pour oil and wine (much more than oil) into its center, and then light it with a matchstick or lighter.

The result is that the exhaust gas and flame look like volcanic eruption, which is worth seeing.


Some Teppanyaki Tricks To Learn