How to easily clean an electric grill: a brief guide

Grilling is a fun activity, but if you want your electric grill to last for a long time and produce delicious meat, you must make sure it is properly cleaned. By keeping the grill clean and well maintained, you can also extend its life. If you want to know how to clean an electric grill in the easiest way, you have come to the right place.


There are two main types of electric grills: one is a small indoor grill, and the other is a large outdoor grill. The latter may be a bit time-consuming to clean up due to its large size, but you can follow some techniques to proceed. (If you want to accurately monitor the real-time power consumption of your electric oven, you should check this meter. It is very small and can be plugged into the power supply for immediate use.)


clean an electric grill


So how to clean the electric grill?The following 6 steps can help you summarize:

1. Pull out the grill and close it.

2. Clean the small indoor grill with a rubber spatula, and use a stainless steel brush for the outdoor grill.

3. Remove the drip tray and empty it. Clean thoroughly with sponge/cloth and soap.

4. Dry the grill and drip tray with a cloth or paper towel.

5. Wipe the lid of the electric grill with a damp cloth.

Below we will introduce each step in detail and provide some additional tips to help you clean your electric grill more easily.