Electric Grill vs Propane Grill | Electric Grill

The main difference between the two is their heat source. Of course, electric grills use electricity, while propane grills are made with propane tanks or home natural gas. For electric grills, you only need to plug them into a power outlet. The gas grill needs to be connected to the gas pipe.

In most homes, there are more power outlets than gas connections, so your first advantage is electricity. There are more types in these two grills.

When it comes to electric grills, there are two types: open grills and clamshell contact grills. The former has a single-sided heating element, and its surface can self-contain the heating element.

Gas grills are more or less the same, but they also have some different features, such as rotating grills, side burners, etc. Propane grills are similar to gas stoves because they have an open flame. However, there is a pan called a frying pan, which has a frying pan surface and does not expose the meat directly to the flame.



The dimensions of these two types of grills are different. You can find electric grills in small, medium, and large sizes. For propane grills, you will find large-sized grills, but there are also some smaller portable models. If you are looking for a grill for commercial purposes, you will most likely find a gas grill to meet your needs. Industrial-scale barbecue grills usually use gasoline and can cook food for up to 15 people at a time.


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Temperature Controls

On the electric grill, you will find three temperature controls: low, medium, and high. Each one has a corresponding temperature range. Electric grills are known for quickly generating strong radiant heat. However, when the timer is ticking or the temperature drops, they will turn off and re-energize.

The propane grid may have the same type of temperature control device or a control device with a calibrated temperature. The latter option is obviously better because you can set the temperature to the exact setting you want.



When choosing a grill, maintenance should be an important consideration. The grill needs proper maintenance and cleaning for long-term use. In other words, in this respect, no one type has a significant advantage over another type.

Electric grills require maintenance of the housing and wires. On the other hand, gas grills require regular inspections of gas connections and ignition. The parts of the gas grill, such as the heating plate, oil pan and grate, need to be cleaned regularly.

Be extra careful when cleaning the electric grill, because electrical components, especially heating elements, should not be submerged in water. The same is true for propane tanks, which should be checked regularly before each use.


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Electric grills are usually more expensive than propane grills. However, this does not mean that you cannot find a cheap electric grill. Small electric grills for indoor/outdoor use are quite affordable. The low price of gas grills brings more options.

In both cases, operating costs are very low. When you run an electric grill, you will not use much electricity. Likewise, gasoline is very cheap, so you can easily refill your propane tank multiple times.



When you are cooking outdoors, you want to know if the grill you get is portable. Electric grills are basically more portable, because you only need to plug them into any place where there is an electrical outlet. However, the propane grille is also great because you can connect to your propane tank wherever you like.

Portability mainly depends on their size and model. Compared with industrial-size grills, smaller grills are obviously more portable because they are lighter in weight. Some electric grills are also designed for indoor use because they can be placed on the countertop.



For those who absolutely love barbecue, taste is a factor that helps them make a decision. In terms of flavor, gas grills have a slight advantage over electric grills. As we all know, the meat they produce is more flavorful than electric grills, which is why many people still use gas grills. With an electric grill, it is difficult to have the taste of charcoal grilling.

There are electric smokers on the electric grill, and sawdust and pellet smokers on the propane grill. They help enhance the taste and give the meat a smoky flavor.