How to cooking teppanyaki at home?

Anyone familiar with Japanese cooking may have heard of Teppanyaki. When checking Japanese food, you can't help noticing the sound of food on the iron pot.

It is one of the many popular cooking styles in Japan, involving grilling on an iron skillet. With the right tools and equipment, you can practice teppanyaki comfortably at home.


The ingredients for preparing Japanese Teppanyaki are fried noodles, sliced meat or seafood and cabbage. Use vegetable oil, animal fat or a mixture of both when cooking.

Kobe beef is the most common beef in restaurants, but its quality is much higher. You can also buy cheaper meat from the United States and New Zealand. You can choose sirloin or tenderloin.

Dishes are served with various side dishes, such as zucchini, green bean sprouts, crispy garlic slices and fried rice. In Japan, only soy sauce is available, but dip sauce is also available in other Western restaurants.

Teppanyaki may taste great, but please wait until you are ready to try again. You will place an iron grill on the table before the chef starts his excellent performance.

Knives, forks and shovels are turned over, tossed, jingle and drumming together to form a rhythm that will surely attract your attention. Then, he will feast with the chef skillfully cutting the food into small pieces, and then place it on the burning grill.

The result is not only eye-catching, but the taste will make you want more.


If you are lucky enough to get a really creative chef, you may witness the following tips:

Catching eggs in hat
Flip the shrimp tail into the shirt pocket
Cut the egg in the air with a scraper
Pour shrimp slices into your mouth
These are just some of the many techniques you may encounter. You will also be privileged to choose your own chef and how you prepare your food.


How to cooking teppanyaki at home?