Cookeryaki Hibachi Grill | How to Light a Hibachi Grill?

Hibachi grill offers simple and economical outdoor barbecue options for people with limited courtyard space, such as those who live in apartments or apartments. This Japanese-style grill is small in size, making it easy to install quickly and cook in a limited space. Hibachis should only be used with smaller pieces of meat, as larger pieces of meat may not cook properly. Charcoal, lighter liquid, and long-handled lighters or matches are required to ignite hibachi to ensure safety.


Hibachi Grill


Remove the grill at the top and place a pyramid of charcoal balls on the bottom. In order to determine how much coal to use, spread a layer of coal evenly on the bottom of the grill before stacking.

Spray light enough liquid on the coal so that there is a thin coating on the surface of the coal. Cookeryaki Hibachi Grills recommends about half a cup. When they come into contact with liquid, the color should darken slightly. Do not let the lighter liquid fall anywhere other than the grill.

Wait a few minutes for the liquid to seep into the coal.

Use a long-handled match or lighter to ignite the coal to keep a safe distance from the liquid when it is ignited.


Cookeryaki Hibachi Grill