Cleaning And Use Teppanyaki Grill | Teppanyaki Grill Cooking Table

• To remove food residues, add some water around the Teppanyaki grill cooking station. Reheat until there are obvious bubbles in the water.

• Use pliers to hold paper towels or rags because the surface and liquid are still hot. Continue cleaning until all remaining food particles disappear.

• When the Teppanyaki grill for slae surface is cold, remove stubborn stains. Use a non-scratch nylon mesh cleaning pad.

• Follow the grain direction from side to side while scrubbing the cooking part. Avoid moving concentric circles. Rinse with a damp cloth.

• Make a paste to remove difficult stains. Let it sit on it for about 60 seconds, then rub it gently. Then rinse it off. Remember that all work should be done on a cold surface along the direction of the texture.

• Lemon can remove thermal discoloration. Cut a lemon in half and rub it lightly on the discolored area. If you use vegetable oil and wipes, you can get a better gloss.

• You can apply non-stick cooking spray on the surface or paper towel to avoid overspray.

• Use paper towels or a clean cloth to remove all remaining oil stains to avoid staining clothes.


Cleaning And Use Teppanyaki Grill


General Maintenance

Make sure you clean your Teppanyaki grill cooking table regularly, because even the smallest stains can affect stainless steel over time.

In addition, do not use ordinary steel pads, wire brushes or scrapers, as they may change the integrity of the invisible shield and make it vulnerable to corrosion.

Bleach is also recommended not to be used. These can be chlorine bleach, Ajax or any abrasive and household acid, as they will also damage the stainless steel properties of the Teppanyaki grill.