How to clean and maintain your hibachi grill table equipment?

Whether it is the teppanyaki grill table equipment of an international hotel or the street, it is an indispensable condition to clean it when after use it immediately. Cut off the power and turn off the operation of the Teppanyaki equipment. First of all, instead of cleaning the surface of the steel plate, it is should to start cleaning from the stainless steel suction port, clean up the accumulated oil quality and check if there is dirt to block the flue. Clean up to ensure normal operation for the next use.


First, teppanyaki is delicious and delicious, but it is greasy after use, including seasoning, food residue, oil and water, etc. How to clean our teppanyaki equipment?

1. First of all, to clean, after each use of teppanyaki, immediately clean the surface of the teppanyaki steel plate, and dry the water stains to ensure that the surface of the steel plate is as clean as new;

2. Tthen you can use some salad oil on the surface of the teppanyaki, wipe it with a clean soft cloth and apply the salad oil, so that the equipment will be more bright;

3. After cleaning the equipment, it is necessary to clean some related items, stainless steel suction hood, oil net and oil pump. It is necessary to clean the oil of the air duct regularly to ensure the smoothness of the air duct;

4. Finally, check all the times again to make sure that the entire set of equipment is available for the next use.


Second, there are all kinds of hibachi grill table available today. For example, Korean style, Japanese style, smokeless, French-style, etc. are well known. However, many people lack knowledge about maintenance, so let's introduce a simple method of teppanyaki maintenance:

1. After each use, the surface of the steel plate should be cleaned and the water and oil stains should be dried to keep the surface of the steel plate clean;

2. After cleaning, take a small amount of salad oil on the countertop, and wipe it with scouring pad to the brightness;

3. After the scouring pad is wiped clean, wipe the countertop and apply a small amount of salad oil;

4. After using the teppanyaki equipment every day, it is necessary to clean the stainless steel suction hood, oil net and oil pump;

5. The next step is to check the exhaust vents, ventilation pipes should be regularly checked to clean the oil, to ensure the smooth flow of the wind;

6. When you use it, you need to pay special attention not to dump garbage, sewage, sewage and other debris into the flue of the stainless steel suction port to prevent the flue blockage;

7. The air duct should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the air duct is unblocked, so that it can serve you for a longer period of time;

8. After cleaning, do not rush to cover the dust cloth, apply a little salad oil on the surface of the steel plate to ensure the smoothness of the table top, and then wipe it with a soft cloth;


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