Wiring steps for conventional Teppanyaki table electric heating equipment

1. Open the door panel of the movable Teppanyaki table equipment and place the removed door panel in place;

2. Open the electrical box door and confirm that the circuit breaker is in a power-off state;

3. Connect the reserved power cord and leakage circuit breaker in order and ensure it is secure;

4. Connect the ground wire to the ground stake;

5. Power on the line and press the test button of the circuit breaker; make sure the circuit breaker is working properly;

6. After resetting the circuit breaker, press the power button on the control panel;

7. Press the fan button on the control panel to perform the fan test; make sure the fan rotates correctly;

8. After the fan operates normally, test the heating and purification functions in sequence;

9. After the test is completed, close the electrical box cover and movable door panel in sequence.