What kind of oil can I use on the Teppanyaki Grill?

When grilling meat and vegetables on a barbecue board, such as an Teppanyaki, you need to use some type of oil to put it on the board. The best way to use it is as follows:

Soybean oil is the best choice to stir fry ingredients on the Teppanyaki grill. In general, fried noodles or cabbage with sliced meat is made from vegetable oil or animal fat, and you will find a lot of mixture of fat and vegetable oil.

Soybean oil is used more than you think, and is not limited to Japanese cooking. It is also an ingredient in many salads and baked goods. It's available all year round and has a low saturated fat content. I bought mines from Amazon and delivered them to my home.


Clean and use the Teppanyaki Grill

To remove food debris, add some water around the cooking table. Reheat until the water is agitated and bubbling.

Use a clean straight edge spatula carefully to loosen the stains and move the water frequently. Then make sure the surface is dry.

As the surface and liquid are still hot, hold the tissue or rag with pliers. Continue cleaning until all remaining food particles have disappeared.

Remove stubborn stains when the surface is cold. Clean the pad with scratch resistant nylon mesh.

Scrub the cooking section as you move from one edge to the other along the grain direction. Avoid moving along concentric circles. Wash with a damp cloth.

Apply to remove difficult stains. Let it sit on them for about 60 seconds, then gently wipe. Then rinse off. Remember that all work should be done in the direction of grain and on a cold surface.

Lemon can eliminate heat discoloration. Cut the lemon in half, then wipe the discolored part gently. If you use vegetable oil and rags, you can get better luster.

The cooking spray of non stick can be applied to the surface or paper towel to avoid overuse.

Use a paper towel or clean rag to remove all remaining oil to avoid soiling the clothes.


General Maintenance

Make sure to clean the cooking table regularly, as even the smallest stains can affect the stainless steel over time. In addition, do not use ordinary steel pads, wire brushes or scrapers, as they may change the integrity of the covert shield and be susceptible to corrosion.

Bleach is also not recommended. These may be chlorine bleach, ajax3 or any abrasives and household acids, as they can also damage the stainless steel properties of Teppanyaki grill.



The Teppanyaki grill is very fast in preparing food, you don't have to wander around waiting for the food to be ready.

There are some forms of cooking that require a lot of time and effort before you prepare your food, so if you're exploring, use the grill to make a fast meal to cater to your starving partner.

Another advantage of this grill is that it's made of easy to clean materials, which means you don't have to spend a lot of effort to remove a lot of stains.

Finally, you can use the Teppanyaki grill at will without worrying about the consequences of cleaning.

Many people spend their lives worrying about how much time they spend cleaning, not cooking, all of which eliminate the ultimate cooking experience. In addition, cooking on an Teppanyaki grill is a healthier option, as excess fat will flow to the drip pan, removing all excess fat.


What kind of oil can I use on the Teppanyaki Grill?