The Tools For Teppanyaki - Kitchen Shears, Grill Basting Cover, Squeeze Bottles, Griddle Stones

Cookeryaki specializes in the manufacture of teppanyaki equipment and provides one-stop teppanyaki restaurant customization equipment services. Here is the Teppanyaki chef's tools equipped with Kitchen Shears, Grill Basting Cover, Squeeze Bottles, Griddle Stones. If you think you need to consult with culinary professionals, then do so. Having the appropriate teppanyaki tools makes cooking faster and easier.


Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears


Kitchen shears are specially designed for preparing food. These tools are more flexible than traditional scissors. Their handles are usually made of rubber or plastic.

The handle is textured and easy to grip and cut. The blade of the kitchen shears has a gap for the user to easily cut the joints of poultry. Different parts of the handle have teeth, which can be used as a bottle opener or can opener. Some have protrusions similar to those of a screwdriver, which can open the lid.

Scissors have two parts or sides, which can cut food together. Both sides are detachable so that each side can be cleaned or dried easily. The blade is strong and durable, made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Choose scissors with blades, which have a medium opening and can cut food, but can't be too wide and can't cut small food or raw materials. Many scissors are designed to cut the chicken breast. Ensure the blade has the ability to cut hard food completely easily and comfortably.


Grill Basting Cover

Grill Basting Cover


The purpose of the grill basting cover is to keep the food warm and moist before it is served. The grill basting cover can also be used to protect the stove and other kitchen equipment from grease splashing and keep the barbecue area clean.

In this way, the cleanliness and functionality of kitchen equipment can be maintained. Eggs, steaks, bacon, hamburgers, chicken are foods that cause greasy splashes on kitchen equipment and stoves.

Basting covers are available in various sizes and shapes to suit stoves and pans. Some are rectangular, some are round. These tools have a light touch handle to avoid injury or scalding during cooking.

As these tools are made of durable materials, they are expected to last for a long time. The strike pad is a great tool for restaurants, delivery trucks, cafeterias and even families.

I like Cookeryaki which is specially made for Japanese Teppanyaki grill.


Squeeze Bottles

Squeeze Bottles


Squeeze bottle is an excellent kitchen tool that allows you to control ingredients while cooking. These tools enable you to be proficient in cooking.

With these, you can put in exactly the exact amount of liquid ingredients. These are very useful, especially when you are dealing with expensive ingredients. I think you can get something cheap from Amazon. It's not a project that costs a lot of money.


Griddle Stones


Griddle stones is a disposable tool designed to efficiently and easily protect, clean and maintain grill and cooker surfaces. If you use the grill or pan frequently in the kitchen, you will definitely need to clean and maintain it.

These griddle stones can last for a long time. These stones can clean the grill or pan evenly without the smell of sulphurous acid or peculiar smell. Moreover, these stones have the ability to prevent the rusting of cooking utensils and grills.

These are composed of pumice, which can effectively remove the stubborn cooking grease left in the grill or cooker.