The Economic Benefits Of Catering Equipment Customization

economic benefits brought


The Customization Of Catering Equipment refers to the customized service of non-standard specifications and models of catering equipment for customers who have the demand for personalized catering equipment according to their needs.

For a long time in the past, the catering industry purchased equipment based on standard products. In recent years, with the changes in the development pattern of the catering industry and the high cost of store rents, the non-standard product customization service for catering equipment has been favored by many industry professionals.

As an important part of the construction of catering enterprises, catering equipment affects the input costs in the early stage and the energy consumption, efficiency and taste of the dishes in the subsequent business process. The value of a group of excellent equipment will bring a lot of economic benefits to the restaurant, and the role of customized catering equipment should not be underestimated.


customization of catering equipment


The economic benefits brought by the customization of catering equipment

1. Maximize the use of kitchen area

Due to the limited investment cost of some restaurants, the kitchen area is only so large. In order to place the necessary equipment, the kitchen line is not circulating, which affects the efficiency of the kitchen staff. By making a reasonable measurement estimate of the existing area of ​​the kitchen and the footprint of the required equipment, custom-made catering equipment can be used to maximize the use of the kitchen area. Avoid kitchen blockage and affect the operation of the restaurant.

2. Reduce unnecessary investment costs

It is difficult for the standard equipment to fully meet the needs of a single kitchen, or to meet the demand almost, and to purchase one more equipment; or to exceed its own needs and to bear the extra investment cost without any reason. By customizing the catering equipment, the required equipment can fully match the needs of the restaurant, effectively reducing unnecessary investment costs.

3. Increase operating income

Customize the catering equipment according to the needs of the restaurant, so that the performance of the equipment can be maximized, while reducing the area of ​​one square of one device. Transforming the unreceived rent area into a profitable dining area and increasing the operating income of the restaurant.

4. Effective drainage, the eye-catching pen of the restaurant

Unlike the traditional dining mode, there are no obvious boundaries between the kitchen and dining areas of many restaurants, and consumers can intuitively see the cooking equipment in the restaurant. From this point of view, the restaurant can customize the exclusive catering equipment according to their individual needs, in order to attract consumers' attention, improve the dining experience and help the restaurant increase passenger flow.


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