Teppanyaki hibachi table equipment peripheral decoration (marble) installation steps

1. After the Teppanyaki hibachi table equipment is in place, determine the location of the marble installation and adjust the level.

2. Fix the marble bracket with screws, place the marble on the peripheral bracket of the Teppanyaki hibachi table equipment, and embed the unedged side into the peripheral beading of the equipment. If the marble countertop is uneven, a wooden strip of appropriate thickness needs to be placed underneath.

3. Adjust the marble joints and flatness.

4. Mix the marble special fixing glue and volatile matter evenly and apply it to the marble joints.

5. Apply special fixing glue for marble at the joint between the Teppanyaki hibachi grill equipment countertop and the marble countertop, as well as between the bracket and the marble.

6. Before the marble fixing glue is completely cured, use a wallpaper knife to cut off the excess marble glue, and then wipe it clean with a damp cloth.