Teppanyaki hibachi grill equipment operating rules and teppanyaki equipment before maintenance

1.Teppanyaki equipment structure:

The teppanyaki hibachi grill equipment we produce is not complicated in structure and easy to operate. Gas teppanyaki grill table is an ideal cooking equipment that uses various types of gas as energy to heat, such as coal gas, liquefied gas, and natural gas. The energy used is different, and its structure is naturally different from electric heating teppanyaki. Let's take a look at the structure of gas teppanyaki equipment and its parameters for heating with various types of gas. Cookeryaki helps customers to purchase equipment better, and also to maintain the equipment in the daily use process.


Electric heating teppanyaki heating parameters:

Electric heating tube heating / electric disk heating: 380V / 50HZ power 8KW three-phase five-wire system.


Operating process of gas-fired teppanyaki equipment:

The first step is of course to start the fan power, and then check whether the ventilation system is normal before proceeding to the next step;

The second step is to turn on the gas switch, but be careful not to turn it on when ignition;

The third step is to use an ignition rod to ignite. Do not turn on the ignition rod properly. Just wait until after ignition.

The fourth step is to use the ignition rod to ignite the burner. At the beginning, the ignition may be poor due to the air in the pipe, and the ignition can be continued;

Finally, adjust the size of the gas switch to a suitable state to control the intensity of the burner flame.


Why teppanyaki restaurant investors increasingly use gas to heat teppanyaki places must be well ventilated, because gas burns oxygen in the air to assist combustion, while generating smoke containing carbon dioxide and a small amount of carbon monoxide; When installing, the pipe should naturally sag and keep a distance of more than 10 cm to avoid being burnt by fire and causing accidents.

Cookeryaki's teppanyaki has passed the quality inspection, which is safe, environmentally friendly, and assured in use! Pay attention to frequent inspection of the hose for looseness, detachment, and cracking; use the maintenance department for replacement if it has been used for more than three years; check soap gas regularly Equipment joints, switches, hoses, etc., to see if there is air leakage, do not use a match for leak detection. Turn off all switches if bubbles are found or if there is a smell of natural gas.


2. Teppanyaki equipment maintenance must know the type of equipment:

Japanese-style teppanyaki, French-style teppanyaki, Korean-style teppanyaki and other equipment, the functions and parameter configuration of the equipment must be very clear. Let's first understand the common teppanyaki structure:


A. Working principle: The iron plate is heated by gas (gas, liquefied gas, natural gas) or an aluminum heating plate is used to heat the iron plate to the operating temperature, and the gas temperature of the iron plate is controlled by the gas switch digital thermostat. There is a damper to control the amount of exhaust air.

B. Gas consumption: gas: gas (2.93m³ / Hr); liquefied gas (0.98Kg / Hr); natural gas (1.2m³ / Hr) electric heating: heater using heating tube heating: 380V / 7.5KW; heater using Special aluminum plate heating plate: 380V / 7KW; heater adopts induction cooker heating plate: 380V / 8KW;

C. Iron plate material: iron plate is made of 20 ~ 28mm special steel plate for teppanyaki. The machining center is integrated with washing and planing. It is not deformed, does not change color, and is resistant to high temperatures. 1.0M / M 304 # stainless steel plate is used for the feet. * 4 * 0.25cm pipe.

D. Exhaust requirements: The air volume is 2,000 cubic meters per hour, and the wind speed is 12m / s. The wind pipe can be connected to the outdoor. Depending on the specific situation (refer to the air duct direction diagram), the external decoration of the equipment can be based on the interior decoration style and grade of the store.

E. The decorative countertops can be imported black gold sand marble or tempered glass (gold sand on the reverse side). Ebony or black walnut decoration.


How to maintain teppanyaki equipment for electromagnetic aluminum plate and electromagnetic copper plate heating. The temperature of teppanyaki is controlled by an automatic microcomputer temperature controller. The temperature rises fast and the temperature is good. It has energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, simple and safe operation. The area outside the main heat of the cookeryaki industrial teppanyaki equipment insulation system is the insulation system. Its temperature is controlled below 50 degrees. The user-friendly design avoids potential safety hazards caused by customers curiously touching the teppan plate countertop. The suction protection system prevents small ingredients from being sucked into the equipment from the suction port, causing the ingredients to rot and produce a strange smell. The function of the fire prevention valve system prevents open flames from entering the exhaust duct, eliminating hidden safety hazards caused by open flames, and the exhaust gas treatment system allows the exhaust gas inside the equipment to be circulated normally.


Teppanyaki hibachi grill equipment operating rules and teppanyaki equipment before maintenance