Teppanyaki grill table equipment cleaning steps

1. Every time you use the Teppanyaki grill table equipment, you should clean the surface of the thick steel plate and wipe away any traces of water or oil to keep the steel plate bright;

2. After cleaning, take a small amount of cooking oil to clean the cabinet countertop, and use a wiping cloth to wipe the stain out;

3. After the wiper is finished wiping, wipe the cabinet countertop neatly and apply a small amount of cooking oil on it;

4. After using the smokeless barbecue equipment every day, the stainless steel suction hood, range hood oil cup and oil extractor must be cleaned;

5. Next, check the exhaust system opening. The ventilation ducts must be inspected every quarter to remove oil stains to ensure the passage of the air ducts;

6. When using, you must also be careful not to dump garbage, dirty oil, waste water and other dirt into the exhaust duct under the stainless steel vacuum port to prevent the exhaust duct from being blocked;

7. The ventilation ducts should be cleaned of oil stains every quarter to ensure the passage of the air ducts and make them work for you longer;

8. When removing and adjusting, do not rush to cover it with a dust-proof cloth. Apply a small amount of cooking oil on the surface of the steel plate to ensure the smoothness of the cabinet countertop, and then wipe it with a thin cloth for cleaning.