Teppanyaki black pepper beef granules practice

Here is a cooking tutorial for a classic dish in teppanyaki menu - Teppanyaki black pepper beef.


1. Cut the tender shoulder beef into pieces and pickle it;

2. Add the raw beef slices to soy sauce, rice wine, clear water, starch, egg white, mix well, topped with vegetable oil, put into the refrigerator fresh-keeping room (4 ° C), freeze for about 3 hours or more;

3. Cut the onion and cut the red pepper;

4. After the pot is hot, make oil in the pot, add the onion and stir-fry the scent;

5. Onion stir-fry 7 ripe and take half off on a hot iron plate, and the other half to be used;

6. Heat the pan and heat the oil into 6 pieces and put it into the beef grain to quickly slide it, and control the oil;

7. Heat up the wok and add the butter to the garlic.

8. After the musk, put the black pepper on the end and add oyster sauce, rice wine, soy sauce, white sugar, salt, boil; remove half of the sauce for use;

9. Re-enter the beef granules;

10. Add the red pepper and stir fry evenly; add a little sesame oil while frying the beef, add the other half of the onion; immediately stir the evenly sautéed beef into the cooked iron rice, cover it, and then follow The lamp is served on the table together; the dish is served on the table, the lid is opened, the juice in the lamp pot is poured, and the lid is added, and the food is served in 10 seconds.


Teppanyaki black pepper beef


Cooking skills

1, this dish is best to use beef tenderloin, can also like me, but the raw materials must be fresh;

2, beef pickling time should be sufficient, too short, the food powder does not work, the meat is not tender;

3, the teppanyaki table equipment can be used to heat the medium heat, the fire is easy to make the bottom of the teppanyaki red, the dishes will appear burnt;

4, the raw material under the pot, should be stirred agitated to make it evenly heated. The oil temperature should not be lower than 60%. If it is too low, the raw materials are dehydrated, desizing, and lose the smoothing effect;

5. The cooking, plate loading and delivery of this dish require quick and accurate action. If one link is not well mastered, it will lose the delicious taste of the dish.