Teppanyaki Hibachi Grill Table | What is a Teppanyaki Table

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that involves cooking meat, seafood, and vegetables on a flat iron griddle. A teppanyaki table is a specialized table used in restaurants that offer this style of cooking. The table typically consists of a large, flat cooking surface in the center, surrounded by seats for diners.

The teppanyaki table is usually made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and can withstand high temperatures. The cooking surface is heated using gas burners located underneath the table, and the chef cooks the food right in front of the diners, often performing impressive knife skills and other tricks to entertain them.

Teppanyaki tables are typically found in Japanese restaurants, although they have also become popular in other countries, particularly in the United States. They offer a unique dining experience, allowing diners to interact with the chef and watch their food being prepared right in front of them. Many teppanyaki restaurants also offer a set menu that includes a variety of different dishes, including meat, seafood, and vegetables.

Overall, the teppanyaki table is an essential component of the teppanyaki dining experience. It provides a flat, hot cooking surface that allows the chef to cook food quickly and evenly, and the interactive nature of the cooking process adds an element of entertainment to the meal.



Teppanyaki tables are a type of dining table that is commonly used in Japanese cuisine. The word "teppanyaki" refers to the cooking technique used on these tables, which involves cooking food on a large, flat iron griddle.

Teppanyaki tables typically feature a large, rectangular griddle in the center of the table, surrounded by seating for diners. The griddle is heated to a high temperature, and chefs use a variety of cooking techniques to prepare a wide range of dishes, including meats, seafood, vegetables, and rice.

One of the defining characteristics of teppanyaki cooking is the showmanship that goes along with it. Skilled teppanyaki chefs often put on a performance while they cook, flipping and tossing food in the air, and entertaining diners with their skills. This makes teppanyaki tables a popular choice for group dining and special occasions.

Teppanyaki tables are commonly found in Japanese restaurants, but they have also become popular in other types of restaurants and home kitchens. They offer a unique and exciting dining experience that is perfect for those who love Japanese cuisine or just enjoy watching skilled chefs at work.