Teppanyaki Grill Table Production and Research and Development | Teppanyaki Suppliers

The types of Teppanyaki grill table equipment produced by the company include: seven common equipment with fixed shapes, small movable Teppanyaki hibachi grill equipment and special-shaped Teppanyaki table equipment that can be specially customized.

Seven common equipment with fixed shapes: rectangular (seven-seater, eight-seater, ten-seater), semicircular (eight-seater), arch (ten-seater, twelve-seater), arched (eight-seater, eleven-seater) Seat), arch (seating eleven or twelve), arch (seating ten), round (seating twelve).

Arched smokeless Teppanyaki table equipment is divided into two types: gas heating type and electric heating type. The factory default of the equipment is gas heating. When communicating with the customer, the sales staff will determine whether the customer converts to electric heating based on the customer's usage occasion and other factors.



Teppanyaki grill equipment material description:

1. The frying plate is made of 20~28M/M Teppanyaki special steel plate, which is formed in one piece;
2. The pedals are made of 1.0M/M 304# stainless steel plate;
3. The skeleton is made of 4*4*0.25cm pipe;


Arched smokeless Teppanyaki electric heating and gas heating equipment parameters:

1. Electric heating type:
The heater uses heating tube heating: 380V/7.5KW;
The heater uses a special aluminum plate heating plate: 380V/7KW;
The heater uses an induction cooker heating plate: 380V/8KW;

2. Gas-type double-circle double-fire burner:
Gas: 2.92 cubic meters/hour;
Liquefied gas: 0.98 kg/hour;
Natural gas: 1.2 cubic meters/hour;

Accessories: Stainless steel exhaust port, oil screen, oil pocket, 1/9 plate, gravity foot, universal wheel.


Gas Teppanyaki Equipment Operation Instructions:

1. First turn on the fan power, check the exhaust system, and then proceed to the next step if it is normal.
2. Then turn on the flame gas switch, press the ignition button, and check whether the flame in the flame observation hole is ignited.
3. After the seedling is ignited, turn on the main fire switch and it can be used normally.
4. Finally, adjust the size of the gas switch to the appropriate state to control the intensity of the burner flame.


Electric Teppanyaki Equipment Operation Instructions

A. First turn on the fan power, check the exhaust system, and then proceed to the next step if it is normal. You can also temporarily turn off the exhaust fan and turn it on again during actual operation.
B. Then press the power button, the device enters the standby state, press the heating start button, the heating system enters the heating state, and stops until the temperature reaches the set point. Finally, the heating element of the device will cycle between the upper and lower temperature limits under the control of digital temperature control.
C. Temperature control setting process: First, turn on the power switch, the power light is on, turn on the starter, and press SET for 0.5 seconds to display CC.