Teppanyaki Grill Equipment | How much does Teppanyaki Equipment cost?

Teppanyaki cuisine involves reforming the kitchen and dining table, moving the stoves in the kitchen to the living room and private rooms, and integrating the teppanyaki dining table and tripod into one. The original Teppanyaki is a simple shape with a square iron plate and a wooden countertop. This kind of countertop has tabletops on three sides for guests to dine, and no countertop on one side to facilitate on-site operation by the chef.

There is a stove under the teppan plate for heating, and the chef cooks every dish and food in front of the guests. In this way, chefs and diners face each other and collaborate on the same stage; the chef cooks the dishes on site and the guests enjoy them at the same time. Every little move made by the chef during the cooking process cannot escape the eyes of the guests. Seeing is the only thing that matters, so you can eat with confidence.

The price of Teppanyaki grill equipment needs to be determined according to your needs. Size, accessories, decoration, etc. will all determine its price.

Regular dimensions of Teppanyaki grill equipment (length*width): 1200*800mm (can seat 6-7 people), 1500*800mm (can seat 6-8 people), 1800*800mm (can seat 7-9 people), 2000* 800mm (can seat 8-10 people), 2200*800mm (can seat 9-12 people); height is 800mm. Other specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Heating method: gas, electric heating tube, electric aluminum plate, electromagnetic heating. The prices increase in sequence and you can choose freely. Styles of Teppanyaki equipment: Japanese, Korean, fancy, French.

Luxurious configuration: 1. Microcomputer automated electric box (only for electric aluminum plate teppanyaki and electromagnet teppanyaki); 2. Built-in imported Korean LG range exhaust fan cabinet; 3. Smoke-free equipment built-in: water circulation, purification, cooling system; 4. Plasma low-altitude type (oil fume purification processor) 5. Smoke-free equipment exhaust outlet (activated carbon to remove odor) 6. Ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection system.

Teppanyaki cuisine belongs to the dining level, so the equipment must also keep up.