Teppanyaki Fried Rice Practice And Precautions

I believe many people will find it when they eat teppanyaki. Almost every teppanyaki restaurant has fried rice, and friends who have eaten will find that this kind of fried rice is not the same as it is when it is peaceful. How to make fried rice with sizzling rice, I think many friends should want to know. Is it difficult to do it, and the material of the steps will be a lot of cumbersome, and the requirements for kitchen technology are not high?

Usually, when I am cooking my rice, it will always be too dry. In fact, it is mainly fried for too long, especially if it is overnight, because it is relatively dry, then after a long time of frying, the water is evaporated a part, then More dry, the taste is even worse.


Now, tell everyone some tips on rice grains used in fried rice:

1. When cooking rice, the amount of water and rice should be controlled at a ratio of 1:1.1 or a little bit of water and water.

2, after the rice is cooked, do not open it immediately and take it out. Stir it for a few tens of minutes before opening it. After opening it, the rice grains will be evenly loosened and blown with an electric fan. (This step can evaporate a part of the rice water, but you don't have to worry about losing too much water. It makes the fried rice grains clear.)

3, the ingredients used in fried rice must be cooked first (and must not add ingredients in the sauce at this stage), and control the moisture in the fried material. (Some materials will come out of the water, this should be careful, so that you can get rid of the rice when you get it).

4, the last is to put the rice into the fried material, the sauce is also placed at this time, evenly and quickly mix the rice and fried ingredients until cooked.


Here is a brief summary of the specific steps of a teppanyaki fried rice:

After preparing the rice and materials, first of all, put the carrots, sausages (or other foods you like) into the center for a while, fry them, and then get the ingredients into the iron plate. Put the corners well.

The next step is to apply oil evenly on the iron plate, then put the eggs on the iron plate. When the eggs have one side cooked, put the rice on the iron plate, flatten the rice, try to contact the eggs as much as possible, then Sprinkle salt and other ingredients.

When it's almost time, mix the rice with carrots, sausage grains and other fried ingredients for a while, then the rice grains of the fried rice fried rice are golden yellow, and the rice will be soft, even if it is a child and no Older people with teeth are also easier to eat.


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