Teppanyaki Equipment Troubleshooting

Teppanyaki equipment troubleshooting

The most fundamental reason why teppanyaki equipment is so popular is that it is very suitable for people's healthy eating needs. Moreover, the iron plate can be quickly reached and accurately maintained at a temperature higher than 300 degrees, and the foods can be quickly matured, and the nutrition is preserved to the utmost extent, and the taste is unmatched.


Teppanyaki equipment troubleshooting


But even the best equipment should also pay attention to maintenance. Understanding the construction and construction parameters of Teppanyaki Table can also promote the maintenance, maintenance and cleaning of teppanyaki equipment. For equipment construction and maintenance, you can refer to these two articles "Teppanyaki Grill Table Equipment Material & Routine Maintenance" and "Detailed Explanation Of Japanese Teppanyaki Equipment".

Once the teppanyaki equipment has a fault (irregular noise, no work, sometimes work, can not be heated), etc., it is recommended to contact the teppanyaki equipment manufacturer to find out the reason, it is best to solve the problem by phone.

If you can't solve the cause of the malfunction, don't feel free to find the teppanyaki equipment maintenance personnel to come and repair the equipment. The reason:

1. The maintenance personnel who are not the manufacturer do not understand the structure and parameters of the teppanyaki, and it is easy to be repaired by mistakes.

2. The price of the charge will be more expensive than the manufacturer of teppanyaki equipment. Some teppanyaki equipment manufacturers have a one-year warranty for maintenance of teppanyaki equipment, life-long maintenance services, and can send professional personnel to repair in the past 48 hours.

3. Not the manufacturer repairs the teppanyaki grill equipment, it will cut corners, and even replace the good teppanyaki equipment parts, etc., and get a higher maintenance fee.

4. Because teppanyaki table equipment maintenance also involves the issue of warranty and after-sales service, so before buying teppanyaki equipment, you should communicate with the merchant how to warranty and maintain teppanyaki equipment.


Teppanyaki equipment troubleshooting