Teppanyaki Equipment Operating Specifications

The structure of the teppanyaki equipment is not complicated, and the operation is simple. The gas-heated teppanyak grill table is an ideal cooking equipment that uses various kinds of gas as energy to heat, such as gas, liquefied gas, natural gas and the like. The energy used is different, and its structure is naturally different from that of electric heating teppanyaki grill table. Let's take a look at the structure of gas-fired teppanyaki equipment and its parameters for heating with various gases. Cookeryaki helps customers better purchase equipment and better maintain equipment during daily use.


First, gas heating iron plate heating parameters:

Electric heating tube heating: 380V/50HZ power 8KW three-phase five-wire system.

Electric disk heating: 380V/50HZ power 8KW three-phase five-wire system.


Second, gas heating teppanyaki equipment operation process:

1. The first step is of course to start the fan power supply, and then check whether the ventilation system is normal and then proceed to the next step;

2, the second step is to open the gas switch, but be careful not to open all when ignition;

3. The third step is to use the ignition rod to ignite, and the ignition rod switch should not to open all. Wait until the ignition is complete and then turn it all on;

4. The fourth step is to use the ignition rod to ignite the burner. At the beginning, the ignition may be caused by the air contained in the pipeline, only continuous ignition is ok.

5. Finally adjust the size of the gas switch to a suitable state to control the flame strength of the burner.


For equipment construction and maintenance, you can refer to these two articles "Teppanyaki Grill Table Equipment Material & Routine Maintenance" and "Detailed Explanation Of Japanese Teppanyaki Equipment".


Nowadays, more and more Teppanyaki restaurant investors are using gas heating, and the teppanyaki place must be well ventilated. This is because the gas burns to consume oxygen from the air to support combustion, and at the same time produces flue gas containing carbon dioxide and a small amount of carbon monoxide. When installing, the nozzle should naturally sag and keep a distance of more than 10 cm to avoid being burnt by fire and causing an accident.

Cookeryaki Teppanyaki passes the quality inspection, safe, environmentally friendly, and safe to use! Pay attention to check the hose for looseness, shedding, cracking and deterioration; contact the maintenance department for more than three years; regularly check the natural gas equipment with soapy water. Joints, switches, hoses, etc., to see if there is any air leakage. It is strictly forbidden to check for leaks with matches. Turn off all switches if bubbles are found or if there is a natural gas smell.


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